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About us


"Nobel Organization of Zest Yielding Society" comprising of people who wanted to make genuine social contribution in the field of education, Social Welfare, & Youth Employment. Established in 2009, nobel Organization of Zest Yielding Society is a Not-for-Profit society working with a missionary zeal, providing selfless service to the people at large for decades now. Its members firmly believe that quality education is an undeniable right and that youth possess the strength to translate every dream into reality.
These dynamic leaders strove ceaselessly to develop opportunities for all and to bring proper programs to promote the development of balanced and harmonious personality of the society. Their efforts paid-off and today the society is ranked among the largest group of organization in Rajasthan. It has 9 institutions under its umbrella ranging from schools to skills development centers, job offering kendras as well as professional institutions. The society members are committed to incessantly provide quality life of the general public.

Our Mission
  • To pursue excellence and set the pace in the field of social welfare & education.
  • To create world class facilities and ambience for advance level of teaching, practical training & placement.
  • To develop the spirit of national integration and create a sense of 'Indian genius among citizen.

Our Vision
To become a premier of education recognized for its diversity, and known for excellence in teaching, learning and Training.

Our Objectives:
  • Recruit and retain a diverse faculty, academic and classified staff and social populations.
  • Increase scholarship and research productivity and their impact.
  • Develop infrastructure and support, including innovative technology, for research, teaching, service and partnerships.
  • Maintain and continue to improve a climate of respect and human dignity.
  • Model quality instruction and mentoring for students.

Our Values:
We, the faculty and staff of the nobel Organization of Zest Yielding (NOZY) Society, commit to the following values:
  • Leadership : We value and are committed to exercising leadership characterized by innovation and vision.
  • Excellence : We value excellence in teaching, service and research. We are committed to promoting creative and critical thinking among faculty, students and staff within a culture of inspiration, high expectations, accountability and quality service to human being and the society.
  • Social and Ethical Responsibility : We value honesty, fairness, respect, compassion, and professional and scholarly ethics among faculty, staff and students. We are committed to increasing access to opportunity and promoting social justice.
  • Diversity : We value and respect diversity in all forms, be it cultural, individual, religious, social or any.
  • Communication and Collaboration : We value open communication and collaboration within and across organizational units and with our external communities.

Director Message
(Sheesh Ram Ola)

I have firm belief that for the development of an individual and the society and thereby a country, Education plays a vital role. To impart this education, education institute has an important part to play so as to bring about one's true potential for the service of mankind and for the better development of the society.As an Educationist, I strongly believe that a student's education is complete only when we are able to contribute towards his/her overall development besides imparting knowledge based and career oriented training. I have a strong belief that every candidate has the ability to succeed. Competitive environment and quality guidance are necessary for one to shine and attain sky high goals.Based on this belief, we established nobel Organization of Zest Yielding Society in the year 2009 and its subsequent success is no doubt highlighted from the social welfare work in the last decade. Then we took a step forward for the advancement of rural people and with the establishment of nozy school in Sikar district, Rajasthan in the year of 2009. This led us to think over the upliftment of the students right from their primary duration in the appropriate way through the establishment of NOZY and thereby offering them foundation which follows exam and competitive exams preparation simultaneously hence making the students fundamentally strong in technical knowledge from the initial grounds of schooling education. Our faculty members are dedicated and devoted individuals of highest caliber with a genuine concern for building students future. The academic environment at NOZY is highly conducive enabling you to succeed in your efforts. We truly believe that if each and every student will focus on the application of theories being taught to them in the classes, there will be no way to obstruct their success. At NOZY, we help you to discover your hidden potential and success quotient to make you reach at your dream positions. I personally realize great satisfaction to see NOZY nourishing the young brains of the nation and producing an increasing number of qualified and capable officers for various Government and Public Departments. In the same way

Chairman Message
(Madan Lal Ola)
'The Race for quality has no finish line' 'The journey to 100 miles begins with one single step'.

"Life can be understood backwards but it must be lived forward." For developing that understanding, a child has to be provided with all the means which help him in nurturing his future. We are determined to give abetter educational environment to the future citizens of our country. I welcome all the public who are looking for the Warfare of the society